Closely combining foreign economic and trade business with fulfilling overseas social responsibilities, Sinolight has been carrying out a variety of foreign economic assistance for years. Besides effectively promoting the expansion of the company’s overseas business, foreign assistance has also further strengthened the political and economic exchanges between China and the recipient countries, deepened bilateral friendship and cooperation, and greatly enhanced the local influence of Chinese enterprises.

Mali Sukala S.A. and N-Sukala S.A., as the two unique large-scale sugar manufacturing enterprises in the Republic of Mali in West Africa, have played an irreplaceable role in promoting the local national industry, developing social economy, creating a large amount of employment, and meeting the people’s sugar needs. The company had also funded the construction of China-Mali Friendship Embroidery Center and the teaching building in Women and Children’s Fund Training Center, provided a large number of medical facilities for local hospitals and clinics, built roads and deep wells for the residents free of charge, sponsored materials and equipment to schools, etc. Sinolight has established a reputed image of Chinese enterprise in Mali.