China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CNPPRI)

China National Pulp & Paper Research Institute (CNPPRI), formerly founded in 1956 as Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Ministry of Light Industry, is the largest and only national research institution that has the longest history and strongest overall capabilities within China’s paper industry. As a leading creator of industrial standards, key contributor and promoter of advanced technological achievements, and main organizer of industrial events, CNPPRI has always been a major driving force in the technological upgrading and high-quality development of the paper industry in China.

There are three main business areas in CNPPRI, i.e., Research and Development in Pulp & Paper, Technical and Industrial Services, and Engineering Research & Manufacturing of Advanced Fiber Materials. CNPPRI has established the one and only Fiber Raw Materials Database in China. Using its technical strength, it provides services in areas like technological upgrading and “carbon peak and neutrality” transformation to manufacturers of commodity grades such as printing, packaging and tissue papers. Empowering by its industry-leading engineering research platform, CNPPRI concentrates own research & development efforts in specialty papers and advanced fiber materials, and strives to provide engineering research services and specialized high-performance fiber products to customers. The non-asbestos

fiber composite materials, super-capacitor paper and some other specialty papers developed and manufactured by CNPPRI are of world-class quality and the most-advanced in China. They are widely used in various industries such as aerospace, military, transportation equipment, food & medicine, new energy, electrical equipment, home, construction material, and decoration. For many years now, CNPPRI has also been the sponsor and organizer of large-scale global industrial events including China International Disposable Paper Expo, China International Specialty Papers Expo& Conference, China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE), China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum, and International Paper Technical Conference, effectively serving as a communication bridge among government, enterprises, and people, and leading the innovation and development in the paper industry.

Introduction of product series:
Product from Sealing Materials Division of CNPPRI: Non-asbestos gasket material   Product Overview: The Sealing Material Division independently designed and built a continuous production line of Fourdrinier paper machine with an annual output of 6000 tons of non-asbestos sealing material. The operating performance and product quality have reached the international advanced level and the domestic leading level. At present, it has successfully developed, produced and sold more than 20 new products of non-asbestos sealing materials in six categories.
Product from Sinolight Specialty Fiber Material Co., Ltd. owned by CNPPRI: Total heat exchange paper   Product overview: the total heat exchange paper is the core material for the core structure of the heat exchanger, which has good moisture permeability, air tightness, flame retardant and anti-corrosion performance. The product is divided into two types, which need to be used together.
Product from Sinolight Specialty Fiber Material Co., Ltd. owned by CNPPRI: Wood pulp paper   Product overview: wood pulp paper is a special high-quality imported pulp, which has the characteristics of high water absorption, fast water conduction, high stiffness, and mildew resistance, mainly used in humidifying net.
Product from Paper-based Functional New Materials Division of CNPPRI: Super capacitor separator paper   Product overview: the performance indexes of the super capacitor separator paper developed and produced by CNPPRI are comparable to those of the imported NKK diaphragm. The product upgrades and customizations can be made according to customer demand.
Product from Specialty Paper Research Center of CNPPRI: Aramid paper   Product Overview: Aramid paper is a specialty paper made of aramid fiber materials. It is used to make multi-layer honeycomb structure panel, suitable for making broadband wave-transmitting materials and high rigid secondary stress structural parts on aircraft, missiles and satellites.

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